Is it available on androids ?

YES! It is available on all platforms ready to be downloaded!

Is it good for men & women

Absolutely, we have programs that are built specifically for women like our Booty Builder however all of our programs are meant to work for anyone of any gender!

What are your qualifications? - Ashley Resch

I grew up being extremely fit & active and as an adult I feel in love with working out as it became almost a requirement in the modelling field. After a couple of years of training myself I obtained a personal training certification and have trained hundreds of clients both in person & online since!

How much does it cost?

We offer a free 3 day trial to make sure everyone gets the chance to try us! Following your free trial you can upgrade to the following plans

1 Month- $15.99

3 Months- $39.99

6 Months- $65.99

12 Months- $105.99